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Brand Story


Oil packed with beauty ingredients*

"SAICHA" is a luxurious facial oil made from 100% tea seed oil made from pesticide-free tea seeds grown in Shizuoka.

Tea seeds contain 80% oleic acid, and are rich in linoleic acid and beta-carotene. They also contain vitamin E, an antioxidant that is resistant to heat and is packed with beauty ingredients* that have a high moisturizing effect!

Because it is tea seed oil, we give it a natural finish by bottled the freshly squeezed oil directly, without mixing in any unnecessary ingredients.

We do not process the oil in a way that would cause it to lose its nutrients, and use light-blocking bottles to maintain its rich nutritional value. We have developed this oil to maximize the potential of tea seed oil.

*Ubiquinone, β-carotene, oleic acid, linoleic acid (all skin conditioning ingredients)


◆ ヒトの皮脂の組成に近く、肌なじみがよくべたつかない

◆ 乾燥による小ジワを目立たなくする(効能評価試験済み)

◆ 潤い、ハリ、ツヤを与える。肌をすこやかで柔軟性を保つ。肌荒れを防ぐ

◆ パッチテスト済(全ての方に肌トラブルが起こらないといいわけではありません) ◆ 香ばしく野性味のある香り。無香料のため、天然の茶の実の香りが楽しめる

I want to protect Japan's tea fields

In addition to consumers turning away from tea and prices dropping, the aging of the population and lack of successors are causing an increase in abandoned farmland all over the country. Shizuoka, Japan's number one tea producing area, is no exception.

"We want to protect the scenery of the tea fields." Tea seed oil was developed from the strong desire of a long-established tea wholesaler that is also a raw material manufacturer.

This oil is

  • Providing income to farmers by harvesting tea seeds from abandoned fields

  • Creating employment opportunities by asking welfare facilities to sort the harvested tea cherries

  • Furthermore, developing cosmetics will provide variety to the Japanese tea industry

  • The fruit is harvested from abandoned farmland, so it is naturally pesticide-free.

Our skin is also happy to be able to use such oil as a's not a "three-way win" but a "four-way win" product!

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